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(Updated: 13/05/2022)

100% Catholic family owned and operated Catholic Funeral Service

Catholic Funeral Service is founded and operated by Gerald and Donna Kenneally, both raised in Catholic families and continue their belief in the faith.

"We are here to accompany you at this difficult time, especially in the preparation of the service for the life, the love and the friendship of your loved one. We know you wish to express your love, faith and hope deeply and in a fitting way at this time.

"The Catholic faith has rich, sensitive and faith filled Rites that will greatly honour your loved one, prayerfully place them in the merciful hands of our gracious God and Father and remain in your memory for the years ahead.

"Many families have found that these Rites, including the Requiem Mass, bring much needed comfort and hope to their sorrowful hearts. May you also find that same consolation for you, your family and friends in farewelling your loved one."

- Gerald and Donna

It is Gerald and Donna's personal wish to ease the burden of organising a funeral, in order to make one of life's most difficult times a little more peaceful.



We offer a wide range of options for above ground or in ground burial in the Catholic Faith.




You may not have been aware that you have the option of Catholic Cremation in Sydney.




We can take you through the options and record all of your wishes ahead of time.