Questions from Catholics & non-Catholics arranging a Catholic funeral.

After the time of death, how soon can a funeral take place?

The necessary procedures and paperwork, notices and bookings vary depending on whether the service is a burial or cremation, and the availability of the church and clergy. Generally however, the service is held 3 to 7 days after the death. As professional funeral directors with a thorough understanding and existing relationships, we simplify this process and work with your requirements. For details specific to your circumstances, feel free to contact us.

Where should the ceremony take place?

There are several options for this. The parish of the deceased is one, but not the only option. There are a range of chapels in Sydney that provide a central location, including an open air chapel at the Catholic cemetery Kemps Creek.

Is it possible to have a cremation as a Catholic?

Yes. Cremation can be done after a funeral liturgy or Requiem Mass at the parish of the deceased or the entire service could be held at Mary, Mother of Mercy Chapel and Crematorium.

Who is entitled to a Catholic funeral service?

A baptised Catholic or member of the Catholic family is entitled to a Catholic funeral service. If you are arranging a service and are unsure, this can be discussed with the parish priest of the deceased or contact us at Catholic Funerals.

What is the difference between Catholic Funeral Rites and a Requiem Mass?

Funeral Rites includes reading prayers and a eulogy for the deceased. A Requiem Mass additionally includes the Eucharist. A Requiem Mass typically takes an hour, or approximately 15 minutes longer that Funeral Rites.

What does a funeral cost?

Funerals range in cost according to the type of service (burial or cremation), location and other factors. Please contact us to discuss suitable options. Your funeral arranger from Catholic Funerals can discuss these details over the phone or in the privacy and convenience of the family home.