CatholicFuneralServices-candelsHow We Help

While we can’t take away the grief and pain of your loss, we can take away the confusion and uncertainty. By doing this, we give you and your family and friends time to love, care, support and pray at this difficult time.

As experienced funeral directors combined with our active participation in the Catholic faith, we can assist and guide you will all the aspects:

  • Government documentation
  • Church documentation
  • Arranging the church or chapel bookings
  • Liaise with clergy
  • Small details that can make a big difference on the day.

Most importantly, the confidence you get by making arrangements with Catholic Funerals, will give you the peace of mind to allow you to focus on your departed loved one and family.

ArrangingACatholicCremationServiceSimply Starting

Simply contact us and one of our experienced and compassionate funeral directors can come to the family home in Sydney to discuss the options and details.

We understand that you may not have the same set of beliefs as those of the deceased. You may not be a practicing Catholic, you may be of a different faith and you may have different beliefs. However, in line with the deceased’s wishes, you want to arrange a Catholic service. This is not a problem, as the experienced staff at Catholic Funeral Service will guide you through the Catholic funeral requirements and process.

Please feel free to Contact Us at any time.