CatholicFuneralServices-SupportPre-Planning a Funeral

Pre-planning a funeral has the dual benefit of allowing you to make your wishes clear while you are able to and taking away the strain and uncertainty from your loved ones in their time of grief.

Our experienced funeral director will take you through the options and record all your wishes.

Arranging to pre-pay your funeral is one of these options, however it is not a requirement and you may choose to simply record your wishes at this time.

CatholicFuneralServices-RosaryAndBiblePre-Paying a Funeral

Arrange for a future funeral at today’s prices.

Pre-paying your funeral doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Payment plans on favourable terms allows you make the plans today and make the payments over time.

Your payments are held in a secure trust by a Funds Management company, so your pre-payment is guaranteed and safe.

Some people may even find that there are tax and social security advantages in pre-paying their funeral.

Please feel free to Contact Us for advice that relates to your specific situation.