Catholic funeral services can be arranged at

  • the parish of the deceased,
  • in one of the chapels below, or
  • other locations by arrangement.

Mary, Mother Of Mercy Crematorium Chapel

Chapels-MaryMotherOfMercyCrematoriumChapelThe Mary, Mother of Mercy Crematorium Chapel is unique as Australia’s only Catholic Chapel and Crematorium. It is well suited for Mass or Memorial services. It seats 160 with additional space for larger gatherings and has a peaceful ambiance with subtle religious themed art.

The central point of reflection is a hand-carved sculpture portraying the Crucified Lord. The “Mother of Mercy” theme is depicted in a modern hand woven tapestry.

Catholic themed artwork and statues are placed throughout the chapel and grounds of the Mary, Mother of Mercy Crematorium Chapel.

The condolence lounge is adjacent the Chapel, providing a relaxed and homely environment for guests to have refreshments after the committal service.

Mausoleum of the Resurrection Chapel

Chapels-TheMausoleumOfTheResurrectionChapelThe awe inspiring Mausoleum of the Resurrection Chapel is ideal for a large Burial Mass or a memorial Mass. This award winning designed chapel has a contemporary Australian feel.

Comfortably seating 300, it is well suited to a large gathering. Although a grand building, it also suits small groups or quiet reflection by visitors.

The condolence lounges are conveniently located just a short 1 minute walk away.

A Mass for the repose of the souls of the faithful is celebrated at 9.30am on the first Tuesday of every month.

Sacred Heart Chapel

Chapels-SacredHeartChapelThe Sacred Heart Chapel is a historic Chapel built in 1928. With seating for 200, the Chapel is suitable for services following burial or cremation, or for memorial services.

The Chapel and surrounding grounds were fully restored in 1994 and renovated again in 2011.

This Chapel has a traditional feel featuring a large stained glass rose window with a carved wood Crucifix and Stations of the Cross.

The original priest’s rooms are now a dedicated condolence lounge with comfortable furnishings and homely fireplaces that are well suited to the older visitor.

St Michael the Archangel Chapel

Chapels-StMichaelTheArchangelChapelBuilt in 1890, the St Michael the Archangel Chapel is a beautiful example of Gothic Revival-style architecture. It was extensively restored for it’s centenary celebrations in 1990.

Located in the older section of the cemetery, it is serenely situated amongst lawns of monumental headstones and is well suited for the ritual of the burial rites.

This quiet and historic Chapel seats 70, bathed in the dappled light from 11 stained glass windows.

The Condolence Lounges are an easy 5 minute drive along quiet roads on the same property.